It's Alright

by Caz Gardiner

Released 2016
Released 2016
This debut solo album is a unique combination of soul, reggae and dub. Thoughtful, reflective and sweet, this album of 10 originals and 4 dubs will satisfy your new music needs!
She's got the rock! She's got the soul! She's got the reggae! She's got the moves and the band to deliver the grooves!

Caz is a Washington, D.C.-based singer/songwriter who performs soulful rock and reggae with her own backing band.

Caz Gardiner, vocals, backing vocals
Alex Tea, backing vocals
Jeff Booth, guitars
Horacio Raimondi, guitars
Andrew Clark, organ
Daniel Flores, pianos, organ
Victor Rice, keyboards
Jorge E. BaƱales, bass, backing vocals, synthesizers
Esteban Descalzo, drums, percussion

Recording: Drums, percussion, guitars and piano by Esteban Descalzo, Kingston Factory Studios, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2015. Vocals, bass, keyboards and additional guitars by Sean Russell, Cue Recording Studios, Falls Church, Virginia, United States. January, 2016. Additional guitar, Brett Tubin studios, New York City, 2016

Mixing: Victor Rice, Studio Copan, Sao Paulo, Brazil. July, August 2016. Mastering: Fernando Sanches, Estudio El Roca, Sao Paulo, Brazil, August 2016

Special thanks: Esteban Descalzo, Daniel Flores, Horacio Raimondi, Victor Rice, Brett Tubin, Sean Russell, Alex Tea and Fernando Sanches.